The History of Tea

The tea story started in China around 2750 BC. Legend says that an emperor by the name of Shen Nung was sitting in the shade of a wild tea tree, boiling some drinking water, when a breeze blew a few leaves from the tree into the pot and gave the water a flavour that he found delicious.

The History of TIFFIN

TIFFIN is produced by Anton Riemerschmid Ltd. in Erding by Munich. The company was founded by Mr. Anton Riemerschmid in 1835.
Anton Riemerschmid was a true pioneer in the art of mixing cocktails and creating new drinks. For decades, he travelled the world in search of new flavours and new tastes.
Anton Riemerschmid has combined the delicious tea taste with the liqueur making expertise to create this unique product – TIFFIN.
Anton Riemerschmid Ltd. is a proud member of the Underberg family group since 1996.